Monday, January 30, 2006

Gorgeous Valentines Yarn

I wasn't sure how this would turn out but I love it! I used this photo of another one of my favorite flowers (aren't they all my favorites?) called Fuschias. When I was little, our neighbors next to us had tons of these plants in their yard and I used to just stare at them because the color intensity is so beautiful.

This yarn would make a pretty scarf, hat or even a sweater. It is also a very soft, worsted weight merino wool. One of these days I am going to sell all these on line but for now I am just playing and experimenting with color. A friend and I are going to open a tiny shop on the web site called where people sell handcrafted items. We are working on the shop and building up a little inventory. Here is a link to our shop Yarn Botanika but there is nothing for sale yet. I am so far making two skeins of each colorway so if someone buys them eventually, they really could make something bigger with them. My favorite type of knitting for these variegated yarns is Modular Knitting without a doubt. Check out the book Modular Knits or the yahoo group for ideas. My other favorite book Exquisite Little Knits also has some great projects in it using handpainted yarns with modular techniques. I just ordered a ton of sock yarn to hand paint. I better get to work on making the socks that I am trying to knit. I bought some pretty striped Regia sock yarn at Jessica Knits last week, our local store.

Here is a photo of the yarn that I am calling Summer Fuschias, a great Valentines Day yarn.! Isn't it just gorgeous! In this case, I also love how it looked before it was reskeined. I am going to show you photos of it before and after (below). But I have heard that when it is reskeined, it does give you a much more realistic idea of how the yarn looks when it is knitted up which is important to someone buying it.

Here is a really cute scarf, The Besotted Scarf, that would be so cute with this yarn. I had started this scarf for my besotted, but since I am not too besotted anymore, well....that is a long story..........

In other news, we have six people so far for my sweater KAL. Won't you join us? You only have to make one finished top over the whole year!! It is fun. I am out of yarn now for my sweater and for dyeing and I am anxiously waiting for the UPS guy to show up! Where is he???!!!



At 5:11 PM, Blogger illanna said...

Your yarns are so beautiful! I love how you post a picture and then show the yarn that matches. Have a great week!


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