Monday, January 16, 2006

New Projects!

Hi friends,

I am almost finished with the Picovoli as part of the Sexy Knitters KAL. I hope it fits when I am done!!! I only have about 30 more rows!! I am still working on two made of Eros and one for my mom in black and white (two yarns together). But, I still have to pick a sweater for my next major project. I start an intermediate knitting class in February and want to knit a little more complicated project for that. These are the two sweaters I am trying to decide between (both from DROPS design in Norway):

Part of the problem is that it is a bit difficult to obtain all the yarns needed for this. Which one do you like the most??

I have some new skeins of undyed yarn to dye this week and another 2 pounds or so of roving to dye.AND, I have to practice my spinning! That will be fun.

I am also learning how to make drop spindles this week from my friend Kathy and I am going to be handpainting them and making up spindle kits for gifts and also to eventually maybe sell on the little site I am creating. This brings me to tell you that I am changing my blog name to YarnBotanika. You can find that blog HERE so please change your bookmarks if you have me marked or on your blogline list. I picked Yarn Botanika because I thought long and hard about different names for the handspun and hand dyed yarns that I create and I like this one the most. So that will be the name of my web page too whenever I get it finished. I hope to be able to sell just enough of what I create to help pay for some supplies. I have a few other ideas of some things I also want to make for the site that I am working on. I might try to use the skills I learned in jewelry class to make some wire wrapped stitch markers and knitting needles. I just have to find a source for plain wood needles preferably in birch or rosewood. I have a huge collection of beads and small gems that I bought at the Gem Show in Tucson and so I can use these. I have lots of great ideas in my mind, but we'll see if I have the energy to carry them out!!!

Anyhow, please change your bookmarks and/or bloglines listing to YarnBotanika. I am in the process of transferring all of the posts and links. I hope you like the name!! You should hear the ones my nephew Adam came put with. He heard me talking about Alpacas so he wanted me to call the yarn Filebertos Alpacas!!??! Where he got that from, I haven't a clue!!!



At 2:30 AM, Anonymous Tina said...

I like both sweaters, but I think I like the red one most. Can't resist those flared sleeves...
Is the blue one knitted in alpacka? Drops Alpacka yarn is absolutely gorgeous!

At 10:22 PM, Blogger YarnB said...

Hi Tina, Thanks for commenting on my blog! Yes the blue one is the Garnstudio alpaca yarn but you can also substitute a few others and I was even thinking of a cotton one just because it is hot here in Arizona. Good to hear from you. I love your blog. Lisa


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