Monday, March 20, 2006

Congratulations to my nephew Adam!!

My adorable nephew Adam, whom I love to pieces, won the Most Valuable Player Award this weekend in basketball for the All-Star Basketball League. He sent me the article below the photos. YEAH ADAM!! GO HOOPSTARS!!

"Hi aunt lisa i will bring the trophy over tonight here is the game report from our team website." News & Updates
Game Report: HoopStars knock off Gym Rats & Rim Rattlers for the ABL Championship!
(March 18, 2006) AZ HoopStars-Shea had an exciting playoffs and championship weekend. The ABL playoffs began Friday nights where the HoopStars beat the Diablos by 15 points. That setup a semi-finals matchup against the #1 seed and undefeated Gym Rats. The HoopStars have only have loss twice all year (once to the Gym Rats and once to the Rim Rattlers). As the #4 seed the HoopStars were underdogs but the boys & coaches believed they could win. The HoopStars played great the first half and held the Gym Rats to 10 first half points (17-10). The second half was a battle but the boys never gave up. With 8 seconds left the HoopStars in-bounded the ball from half court with the score tied at 30. Austin Mahfouz got the ball, drove to the right side of the court and took a good shot. The shot came off the rim to the left side where Brian Kwon tipped the ball up. As the ball was going off the backboard the buzzer went off and the ball went through the net for a 2 point win. The boys, coaches and crowd ran onto the court for and incredible win and celebration. What a game! Next was the championship game against the Rim Rattlers who are tall and athletic. Our boys were focused and determined to take home another championship. With all around solid defense and rebounding the boys shut down the Rim Rattlers inside game. On the offensive side every boy scored and contributed. The HoopStars showed a lot of heart over the weekend and the reward was a 22 point victory and the ABL CHAMPIONSHIP. You have proved you are one of the top teams, HoopStars. Great job, we are all proud of you!

Game Report: HoopStars Win a Handful of Awards!
(March 18, 2006) The AZ HoopStars-Shea came away from the ABL Winter League Championships with a handfull of awards. The biggest award was the championship trophy. The HoopStars have now won back-to-back championships (one with the YMCA and now ABL). Other deserving awards received were given to Austin Mahfouz (Hustle Award), Brian Kwon (Player of Distinction and Team Contribution), Coach Harold Shea (Outstanding Coach of the Winter Season), Adam Clare (Championship Game MVP), and Brian Kwon (Top Rebounder). Also congratulations to Cavin Sherman for receiving his teams (and well deserved) Hustle Award. Congratulations HoopStars!!!


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