Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I Can't Believe I Made This!!!

I am so excited about this skein of yarn that I made from scratch!! Words cannot describe the feelings I felt while I plied these two colors together and it ended up so beautiful!! Too bad I only have about 35 yards of it, but that is OK! It was a great learning experience for only my second skein of finished yarn!!!! The next will be much more usable because I ordered a full pound of blue faced leicester soft soft wool that I am spinning and professional dyes to dye it with vs kool aid!! I started with wool which I dyed with koolaid. I used a handspindle and spun two spindlefuls of singles and then plied them together also using the spindle!

Isn't it beautiful!!? Here are the photos. The first of just the plain wool I started with and then some shots of the beautiful skein which I wish I could frame or something!! That is how much I am in love with it!!

Happy New Year! Love, Lisa


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