Sunday, December 04, 2005

Today's Yarn Store Buys!

Wow, I could have really gone crazy today. I didn't do too badly though. I stopped at a local store that is a very nice place. It is called Jessica Knits and they have a great selection of yarns, especially the handpainted and hand-dyed ones I LOVE. I was trying to find something to make my next project from. I am going to be making a shawl called the Ladder Shawl, also by Chris Bylsma. My sister asked me yesterday how many shawls was I going to make and I told her that a girl can never have too many shawls and scarves! EVER!

The yarn I bought is by Araucania Yarns. It is called Patagonia Nature's Cotton and it is spun thick and thin bulky in beautiful lemon lime variegated colors. I found one photo that shows the yarns (but not in my green colors and one other shows the color, but it does not do justice to the thick and thin texture of this yarn! I have to cast it on tonight!!!

I also bought some very interesting supermerino from ArtYarns in black, white and gray variegated colors! I found a photo of the exact yarn I bought on their web page. It comes in other incredible colors but I wanted to try this for this project. I joined their MultiDirectional Yahoo List and I received my first pattern to knit, the Multidirectional Scarf, so I will make it in this gorgeous yarn. Here is a photo of the yarn!!!

YUMMY. More photos of actual finished projects coming soon. Also check out my new finished gallery section on the sidebar!!!

Also, I joined a group called The Sexy Knitters Club!! Why?? Well some people think that knitters are a group of old grannies sitting in their rocking chairs and if they spent five minutes on the internet or in a yarn store, they would see a very different scene going on!!!

Here is our logo button for the group!! Go sexy knitters!


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