Friday, December 02, 2005


I have spent way way too much time on the computer staring at yarns and patterns. I feel dizzy! What is it about the colors, the textures, the look of these handpainted and handspun yarns that make me want to melt! Honestly, I have some kind of odd physiological reaction!!! I spent four hours yesterday looking at this handspun yarn web ring Take a click and see what you find. AMAZING.............................. This is a list of unbelievable artists who spin hand made yarns and knit! Also some who raise their own animals to get various fibers! AMAZING!!!!!!

I need to post a few photos and updates this weekend!!

I completed a few projects. Photos coming soon.

1. A yummy warm watermelon and fizz scarf and hat for Lexie. What a lucky girl she is. I can't wait to see her posing in this!!

2. A Noro Silk Multidirectional Diagnal Scarf! Photos of my mom Shirlee posing outside on a nice cold sunny day! She looks so elegant in just about anything she puts on. The scarf looks great on her.

3. The Sunset Shawl!! Wow, it is so beautiful. But it isn't quite finished!! I just need to finish weaving in the ends, adding the fringe and then I will block it and take some photos!!!!!!!!!

Lots to do!! Too many yarns, too many colors, only two hands and not enough money!!



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