Thursday, April 06, 2006

Lots of Colorful Photos!

Good morning, I received some great photos in my email this morning. Linda, in Ohio, who bought some of the YarnBotanika yarn just received it yesterday and she felt she had to cast on and knit right away, she liked it so much. I was so thrilled by this. For me this is really a creative outlet and the skeins of yarn are like my artistic babies. Only fellow fibernuts will understand this! I have learned that others don't! Anyhow, she bought my favorite colorway of yarn called Spring which has spearmint and lime green and blue in it and here are the photos. Isn't her kitty cute?? And I am so excited to see the yarn knit up!

I did dyeing on Monday and I have made a decision that I can only really physically handle maybe one dye day a month, maybe two. I just did way too much and the next two days I could hardly walk or move my arms. My neck and spine really have been much worse. I hate to talk about it too much on here because I don't want to sound like a whiner, honest. It is just such a part of my daily reality, living in severe pain, and I have trouble coping with it. The fiber art is my therapy and my goal is to not talk about the pain. It is just INSIDE my head and my heart, I am bursting and wanting to do more, and I just can only do a tiny bit. Accepting the reality of that is very hard for me. If I push myself too much, I pay for it by spending a week in bed. So...I am going to have to limit myself which is ok. The rest of the time, I can knit (which can be done laying down) or spin which is relaxing in short amounts.......I really want to refine my spinning skills and do more handspun creations anyhow.......... Plus Kathy will be making stuff for the etsy shop too....

Enough are more photos of all the dyeing I did.

First, here is one of my most favorite sites!! Dyed rovings and yarn fresh out of the dyepot, all kinds of colors, soaking in the sink.......Nothing is more thrilling to me than opening the packages after they cool to see how the colors turned out!!

Here are two shots of skeins of yarn, still wet and drying. So many colors. I really had fun experimenting with different dilutions of color. I love how all of these turned out and can't wait to see them dry and reskeined. In these skeins, I left bits of the natural yarn on purpose. White is a color too!! I think these are gorgeous! You will see when they are all reskeined!

Oooooh, here is what my bathroom counter looks like. What you have here is dyed Alpaca, dyed tussah silk, cashmere and dyed blue faced leicester (SO SO SOFT) wool. All of these fibers are going to be blended into batts for my own spinning fun.... Some of the dyed roving will go on etsy and some will go in the spindle kits, coming soon too.

The photos don't show all the dyeing I did, but give you an idea. This amount of dyeing is nothing for a full time dyer, believe me. I met a few at the recent knitting and fiber show in Scottsdale. I don't know how anyone does this full time to be honest. But then again, it is hard for me to judge because of my situation.........Also if one worked in a fiber studio, you could probably get much more done easily just because of organization of all the supplies and equipment.

Have to go work on an exam and paper. One more month of school. One more month. One more month!!


At 8:43 AM, Blogger Sarah said...

Oh Lisa....I guess I did not realize your pain was that bad!

I hope some rest helps you out with the pain.

Dyeing is so much fun that I can imagine how you want to do it more than 1 day a month!

At 5:16 AM, Anonymous Tina said...

Don't work yourself too hard! After all, it's meant to be relaxing. Beautiful work though! I'm sure I could NEVER get that much done in a single day!

At 8:58 PM, Blogger blogdog said...

Ohhhh, Lisa! I could eat those colors with a spoon!!

At 9:37 AM, Blogger Suzetta said...

Love the colors you chose to dye your fibers.


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