Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Open Sesame

A glimpse of what is in some of this week's boxes......

Yarn and patterns from the Sheep Shop Yarn Company

This color is GORGEOUS!! This is one of their Sheep One yarns in worsted weight:
And here is another favorite of mine:
Incredible Handspun and Handpainted yarns from Daniela Kloppman of Felt Studio Co in England. Daniela is an amazing fiber artist..
This handspun is called Fruity and I am in love with it. I am tempted to steal it (I will pay her though!!) and make a pair of socks with this around each top in about a one inch band..

I need to learn how to spin these great coils like she does.

This one is called Da Funk and it has beads, glitter thread and coils!

And lots of fun things from Heather of SereknityBoutique-cool needles, kits, rovings and yarns.
I love these needles she made:

This kit is too much. Heather, you outdid yourself here!! Your talent shines!!! I tried to take a good photo. Can you see the little high heel shoe stitch markers?? Too cute!

My eyes hurt from photographing and listing stuff....

More soon..... I did knit two more tiers of the Lady Eleanor Shawl last night. I just had to! And tonight is nip and tuck night so I will relax!


At 8:03 AM, Blogger Andrea said...

Wow- those are gorgeous! I like the coils, too. Makes me smile.

Love the pictures!

At 8:22 AM, Blogger Gina House said...

Everything is amazing and beautiful...of course, I'm always partial to Heather's stuff. I only have, like 10 of her yarns and 6 pairs of her needles! LOL! I'm impressed with the coils!

Oh, my new podcast is out:


Click on Episode 3: November Nights.

Hope you like it!

At 6:12 PM, Blogger Angela Catirina said...

BEAUTIFUL yarn - love the colors! We have a fun new knitting web site - thought you might like to visit sometime:


Happy Thanksgiving! Hope to se eyou soon!

Angela Catirina & Bonnie


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