Saturday, June 24, 2006

Estes Park Was Amazing

BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-there were so many sheep at Estes Park making that sound, I still hear them all in my head. I couldn't believe how loud they were! I am in love with sheep now....I want a few!

I truly enjoyed Colorado. I loved Denver. I loved Boulder. I want to move to Boulder as a matter of fact. If I could figure out a way to do it, I would. I loved Estes Park too. The mountains were gorgeous. We had perfect weather and great accomodations. We ate great food every day. The wool market was so much fun. This is kind of a photo heavy post so hopefully blogger will cooperate.

In Boulder, we first visited Shuttles, Spindles and Skeins, truly the most amazing yarn/fiber store of all time.

Since this is a yarn and fiber blog, I'll limit my photos to Estes Park. I also took a ton of photos of downtown Boulder, the mountain scenery, our cute inn, the Stanley hotel (where they filmed the shining) and other things.

When we first arrived at the Woolmarket Sat AM, we went to the "fleece judging competition." That was quite interesting. Our new friend Susan won first and second prize for her Cormo fleeces. Here is a photo of the shepherd judge going through the fleeces.

There was a children's booth where kids learned to spin and weave.

There were three or four tents of animals, one of goats and bunnies, one of various sheep, one of alpacas and one of llamas. Here is the cutest young alpaca boy having a bath. He was not happy!!!

We saw many sheep including my favorite, the blue faced leicester. BAAAAAAAAA We also met many other types of sheep..Jacob, Shetland, etc.... Lots of goats including pygora, cashgora and angora goats. And bunnies..angora and other bunnies.....Here is a photo of some angora goats. I love these guys..they look like they have dreadlocks.

And here is one of my favorite photos "pile of goats." The black one was sound asleep with his head on the white one's back. Too adorable....
We met some new friends Friday night for dinner.....These are friends I met through the dyehappy list.....Hi Susan, Peggy, Patty, etc...(forgot all the names!).
In the vendor area, there were booths after booths after booth of fiber and yarn and every related item you could think of!!

I did pretty well actually. My goal was to only buy things I had never seen ever before. I found these beautiful green dyed rovings at Lambspun, a very cool booth from a hot store in Colorado Springs.

I bought a mystery book, Knit One Kill Two, by Maggie Sefton takes place in Lambspun. I purchased the novel at their booth.
They also had these adorable chenille washcloth kits. I am waiting for the pattern.

I bought some beautiful hand dyed roving (corriedale and silk) all natural dyed in Osage and Indigo, from Handspun by Stefania. Her stuff was beautiful.
I bough two angora sock yarn kits (yummy soft, and a small sock loom that I have no clue how to use yet.

It was fun...

Happy knitting and spinning.......


At 6:45 AM, Blogger Sarah said...

Looks like fun!

I am making bags this weekend so you should have some next week!

I am envious of your trip!

At 7:27 AM, Blogger Gina House said...

Okay...I think I may have to steal that fiber you bought from Lambspun...that color is amazing! The goats are so cute! I wish the day I went to the NH Sheep and Wool wasn't pouring rain because I missed seeing all the animals. I'm glad you posted these's almost as good as being there...well, almost!

At 2:49 AM, Blogger Dudleyspinner said...

This was my first year at Estes Park Wool market. I had a booth and taught free form crochet classes. I wish I would have been able to see more of the festival besides my booth!
Looks like you had a great time.


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