Saturday, February 18, 2006

No No Bailie! Stop!

When I first saw the company name No No Kitty, I just laughed out loud!! That is because that is usually what I am saying constantly in my house, except that it is to a dog named Bailie. I also have to say that No no kitty was my first introduction to hand painted yarn and my inspiration for learning how to make it! In my house every day, I am saying NO BAILIE or QUIET BAILIE or STOP STOP BAILIE! I have never seen a dog like this!! He is ten years old and his behavior is still the same. He constantly is on the search for things to steal or destroy. I saw him eyeing my Yarn Botanika Sourcebook yesterday on the dining room table. He was sniffing it casually every so often! I said no Bailie, stop Bailie, no! Here is a photo of the book. It is a place where I keep samples of yarns that I have dyed, with the recipes for the colors I used. I also keep ideas in here of color combinations and photos of others yarns and fiber combos that I find attractive:

Well I left the room for just one minute and Mr. Bailie, the bearded collie (here is his photo, the handsome devil in a short hair cut) had pulled the book OFF the table and onto the floor. How was he able to open each page and pull out each yarn sample carefully is beyond me. But that is what he did. Nothing else was touched but the yarn samples were all removed and sitting in a pile in his crate! Now this is one clever dog! At one point, I was going to call Letterman and try to get on because at night when I wasn't looking, Bailieboy would open the dishwasher and remove items and bring them into his crate! Honest he did!!!!

Living with Bailie is like living with a two year old. Ask anyone who has been to my house. If you visit here, you have to hide your purse, your belongings and especially your shoes (which smell nice to him) high up on a shelf or in another room with the door closed!! He has stolen or destroyed many of my guests items; my dads medication, my friend Monicas big apple, my nieces headband, my nephews shoes, another friends glasses, not to mention my own shoes, remote controls. The garbage can in my office is emptied by him and shredded on the floor daily. Why why why? I think he is just bored myself and looking for entertainment..He is very smart and has quite a unique personality to put it mildly....

In fiber news, I was not happy with the dyeing I did yesterday for the first time. I was bummed out! I was trying to dye something for my new secret pal too! I joined this yahoo group Knitting sisters swap. So now today I will have to overdye some of it to make it look attractive at all and I am back on the search for things for her. Here are a few photos though of skeins I have ready to go into the ETSY shop when I get it open, hopefully next month...... These are of some sock yarns, one in pinks and greens (Heather if you see this, you said try pinks and greens!), one in white, reds and black that I just love called Fire Lily, one that is brilliant violet and fuschia and some white, and then the earth one from the last post reskeined. You can see how they look different reskeined but this is really a more realistic view of how they look knitted which is important. You can see all the different colors, rather than in chunks of color. And yes they will be up for sale soon at our shop Yarn Botanika at

This is one busy week. I have a huge final exam, and a friend coming on Thursday. We are going to Jerome, Arizona for the day on Friday and my number one stop is going to be this supposedly cool knitting store called Knit 1 Bead 2, home of the knitting geek. Check out her store online and her geek site, lots of cool things. I can't wait. My other favorite thing to shop for in Jerome is JEWELRY! It is an artist haven, a little town on the top of a mountain about two hours north of Phoenix. My friend Linda is visiting from Portland and she is staying at the Phoenician resort so I get to stay there one night and hang out which will be very fun!
So..I may not be posting for a week or so.., but I will try. That is why this one is extra long............

Have a good one, Love Lisa


At 9:42 PM, Blogger Heather said...

Ooooh, the pinks & greens are very pretty! They are all pretty as always.

Your dog is cute, he sounds very smart. Hide the yarn!!!

Hope you have a good visit with your friend.

At 9:15 PM, Blogger Trish said...

Ooooh, what a little stud muffin Bailie cute! I'll take him off your hands if he gets to be too much for you.

...Oh, and staying at the Phoenician?!?! Niiccccce. They used to have a great formal tea there. I haven't been in ages so I don't know if they still do, but it's worth asking about. Have fun.

At 8:20 PM, Blogger blogdog said...

The yarns are so beautiful they make my mouth water! You're doing amazing things with dyeing these days!

Bailie has such an innocent look on his face. "Who, me? Yeah, him! I once went to a Bob Vest herding clinic. Bob took one look at Duncan and told me, "Those Beardies are all criminals, you know." They can look so sweet, all the while plotting world domination.


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