Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Some New Years Resolutions

It has been quite a few years since I made some New Years resolutions so I think I will work on those a bit here in my blog. Some of them are definitely fiber related, so its appropriate. Some are a bit boring, typical and mundane but oh well, that is part of life.

1. I know everyone starts the New Year with their health and weight loss resolutions, but UGH I got on the scale today at my doctors office and OUCH, I have gained about 10 pounds since the beginning of December. That is what happens when I allow myself to eat all of the sweets and carbs I desire!! So the biggest resolution is yes, I really want to lose about 30-40 pounds and then keep it off once and for all.

2. Along that same vein, my other goal and resolution is to exercise regularly. I feel so much better when I do this, then why do I stop? It doesn't make sense that I stop every time. It helps my mood, pain levels, everything etc!

3. So this weekend I am going to sit down and make an excel goal spreadsheet with exercise plans every day for 8 weeks along with my usual fat flush diet which works so well for me. I always feel like a million bucks when I am doing this and I have to try to remember that!!

4. On a fiber note, my goal is to clean out my spare office for an office and fiber/art studio. I need to go through the closet and get rid of a bunch of old papers and then organize it for storage. It is HUGE so I am lucky. Then I need to get the room painted and a new desk with a very long table on the side. I'd like to rip out th carpeting and have hard wood floors but that will have to wait a bit.

5. I also want to clean out my garage and have it be more organized.

6. I want to buy my Lendrum DT spinning wheel that I have been saving up. I hope I can do this soon!

7. I want to take at least one weekend painting or fiber arts workshop somewhere beautiful this year (hopefully somewhere with trees and water and blue skies).

8. I want to exercise the dogs more outside, to take them to the dog park. They are so adorable, my loyal and sweet companions. They deserve this. I would be so lonely without their company every night. Bailie always wants to play ball, constantly. I wake up in a bed of balls every morning. Bailie is going to be 10 on January 13th and I can't believe it. Here is his photo. I have posted it before but I still like to put it here again so I can look at it as I am so grateful to have little bailieboy in my life. Boy have we gone through a lot together the past ten years! He still acts like a puppy. He was sick all night and i couldn't figure out why until I discovered that he had eaten some brillo pads he snuck when I turned my back for one second! Thank God he threw them up. He is such a theif! Happy birthday to my best pal. I LOVE you Bailieboy!!

This will remind me that my number one resolution is to be happy and grateful for all I do have in life, including my special pets.

9. I want to knit TWO complete sweaters with sleeves and all by the end of this year. I am in love with these DROPS pattern booklets from Norway and I think I will order two tonight to pick out two sweaters. Here are a few of the sweaters that I am trying to decide among. I am going to order this pattern book right now!! Definitely I will make at least two of these from the DROPS pattern books. I love the look of these:

10. I am going to continue learning about dyeing fiber and yarn and work towards someday having some type of online fiber business. Even if it is only selling some of my handspun and handpainted yarns a little bit enough to pay for my supplies, that would make me very happy!

11. I am going to start a handspindle collection and continue spinning on these. My goal is to learn also how to spin some more difficult fibers like cotton and merino. I also want to learn how to make spindles like my friend Kathy makes, who taught me how to spin. But, I want to hand paint these in various colors and make up spindle kits to give to friends for presents.

12. I am going to try to paint at least once a week still focusing on nature and color as my muses.

13. On a personal note, my goals are to work on being calmer, nonjudgemental, and not as reactive to situations and people around me

14. A yes, my last goal is to finish my Audiology doctorate and I only have until the end of April and then yippppeeeeeeee I am done. That will be a relief.

WHEW!!!!!!!!!That's all I can think of for now. If I can do all of this in 2006, I will be very glad.......And if I can't, oh well...I will still be happy.

Back to eating all the sweets and carbs I can until MONDAY and then I start the strict detox routine! I CAN DO IT. I CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!


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