Monday, October 09, 2006

Out of Chaos-Fall Project List

I realized the other day that I have not finished a single project for a long time! That is not good. Also despite my determination to not start any more projects, I ended up today buying some yarn to make the Lady Eleanor Shawl which I just love. It is in the Scarf Style book by Pam Allen. This is a great book. Except I don't even wear scarves because of the climate I am in (?) So why do I have several on my project list (?)

I organized all my projects today though so I know exactly where I am with each of them and I am going to make my list right here on the blog like I do every few months. When I do this, it really helps put things in perspective. There are so many sweaters and shawls that I am seeing now that I want to make. It is incredible how many wonderful designs there are out there really! How can I learn to knit with my fingers and toes? And how do people who weave and spin do all of these hobbies at once?

I know people who only work on one project at a time to completion and would never be a yarn stasher like I am, but what can I say.

OK, here it is, the to do list for this fall!! Starred items have priority for being finished already!!!

1. *Noni Evening Bag- in Plymouth Galway in black and purple- about 3/4 done. Pictures coming soon.

2. * Bees Knees Ruby Pattern in Opal and Regia sock yarns for Alexis-about 1/2 completed.

3. * Socks - two pairs- in self striping yarn and my own yarn.

4. Lace Tee - using Trinity yarn in a pale light green ( save for Spring!)

5. * Wrap sweater from Garnstudio-I HAVE TO FINISH THIS!! It is insane! I just have to seam it at this point!

6. Crochet Belt - Blue Sky Organic Cotton for my niece Rachel.

7. Crochet cap sleeve wrap sweater- also a Blue Sky pattern. I just finished the gauge swatch for this and I have no idea what I am doing. This is my first crochet pattern really. How do I add new yarn on in crochet??
Isn't this sweater adorable?
cap sweater

8. Vintage Velvet Scarf in Muench Touch Me Yarn in eggplant-Also from Scarf Style

9. Back Yard Leaves scarf in Olive Aurora 8 merino

10. Log Cabin Blanket in cream, eggplant and variegated (my own hand dyed) Yarn- Optima Worsted, a present from Ilana (THANK YOU!)

11. Mentionable Camisole in Rum Raisin, pattern by Wendy Bernard

12. Lady Eleanor Shawl-OK, Kirsten showed me this variegated yarn at Michaels made by Patons and I couldn't get over how pretty and soft it was for the price! It is called SWS and it is 70% wool and 30% soy. Now I must admit (OUT LOUD) that I am a total yarn snob, BUT......when I cast on tonight, I have to say, this yarn is gorgeous, especially for the price. This colorway is called Plum.

By the way, this kind of knitting, called Entrelac is really fun! I was reading a few blogs last night, where people described it as boring, but I do not find it boring at all.

12. I am waiting for some of the patterns from a few of the designers who are making them because I know already I want to make like every one of them! In cashmere? Probably not every pattern. But...there are lots of options......! There are about 8 or 9 patterns coming soon and I would say I want to make 80% of them for myself!

I feel so much better just making this list. I am determined this week to organize my house a bit more and make lists for the other things in my life.....broken things in my house that need fixing, clothes and shoes I need, diet and exercise goals. I feel this incredible need to organize myself and my surroundings for some reason.. Probably because I have been truly living in a state of chaos for the past month.....

Back to knitting!!


At 5:52 AM, Blogger Tala said...

Hi! I stumbled across your blog after seeing your yarns on Etsy (Gorgeous, by the way!) I was thinking of knitting Lady Eleanor in SWS, too, and was wondering if you could tell me how many skeins you think it will take? Thanks!

At 6:13 AM, Blogger Sarah said...

Lady looks good. Good to see you knitting!!

At 11:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It must be the fall weather, because I'm doing the same thing. Organizing projects, finding things to sell on ebay, getting things in order. I live in Southern California and make scarves only because where I work, in the winter, it's freakin' freezing, and so I actually wear my scarves inside more than outside. Go figure.

At 12:55 PM, Blogger Kristy said...

I've been wanting to start Lady E for months now! I just can't decide on the yarn. I though about Rowan's Tapestry, but I have to admit that the Patons looks incredible!! I'll have to go to Michaels sometime soon to look at options!

Can't wait to see your finished Lady E!

At 1:31 PM, Blogger Lapdog Creations said...

Thanks for the inspiration to get organized! I'm TRYING... gonna take awhile, esp the whole clothes/shoes part of it!
Thanks for mention Patons SWS too - I bought a skein because I couldn't resist the colors and it felt SO soft... glad to hear it knits up well!


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