Sunday, December 04, 2005

Plants, Art, Color and Fiber

This blog is going to be devoted to my yarn-dyeing and spinning projects. The reason I chose the name Botanica is that the colors of nature (especially flowers and plants) are what always inspire me. They inspire me in all of the art (including knitting) that I have ever done. Now, as I start to do more with the fiberarts, I want to bring my previous studies of plants, herbs, and botanicals into my new creations!!

My first step is to buy a few books on dying fibers. There are books that talk about using only natural dyes from plants, and then books that also cover acid and other chemical dyes. So I need to learn more about this. I would love to use only the plant ones if I can figure it out and can come up with the colors that I want!!

Then I am going to take a spinning and also a dying class at the Fiber Factory here in Arizona and see how it goes. I found some sources for organic undyed yarns too. I am kind of excited about this!!



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