Friday, January 05, 2007

One Planet Sale, knitting, etc....

I can't believe I forgot to post on here about the one week only sale at One Planet Yarn and Fiber. It started last Monday and I have been so busy I hardly know what day it is. Anyhow, there are only two days left, so please check out the One Planet Blog for all the details. Several of the colorways have completely sold out in Black Pearl Yarns cashmere, Lanas Puras and Yarn Botanika yarns. Also we have all of the Indie company yarns on sale which is unusual and won't happen often. Handpainted yarns from Yarn Pirate, Sunshine Yarns, Felt Studio UK, A Piece of Vermont, Serenknity, and RMD Designs. I hope I didn't forget anyone...... Just please go read the blog!! LOL And if you have wanted to try one of these yarns, now is the time! Plus we have a lot of great new patterns. All of the patterns from Bees Knees Knits, which I have not posted yet, the Zephyr gal patterns which I love, Heartstrings sock and shawl patterns and soon Chic Knits patterns and more. I am not posting all the links sorry!! Just look at our site or the names! I know! I am lazy!! Sorry!

I just found out that I mixed up two people's orders. I did this one time before and I can't believe I did it again! I am so embarrassed. Do I need a better system? How does Sunshine yarns do it correctly? I have seen photos on her blog of millions of packages!!

I hope everyone had a great New Year and Christmas. I am kind of glad the holidays are over. Am I a bad scrooge!! The commercialism just really gets to me and it seems like it gets worse every single year. UGH and the crowds everywhere!!

I went up to Sedona and Jerome Arizona last weekend, two of my favorite cities. Jerome has a GREAT yarn store!! I love it there. I bought two skeins of Manos and some Lana Grossa sock yarn to try out.... uh uh in my spare time!! Here is one photo of the red rocks of Sedona. Every time I go up there, I want to move there. I look at a few houses even. Why don't I just do it? It is a bit expensive, but I could do it... my other choice is Boulder, Co. Lots of thinking and I probably won't go anywhere. This is not the best photo, but......

I have more of the Modern baby blanket done. Here is a peek. No it is not traditional baby colors but it is going to be gorgeous I think!

Happy New Year!!


At 5:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

love love love love love love love it!!!! I love the colors- it's PERFECT.

And you should move to Boulder! I'd come visit you :)


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