Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Oh no, one of these meme things

I was tagged by Gina! I hate these things in a way, but I like reading them about other people! Also it gives me a chance to post since I don't have much knitting to report. I have to pick five people.. hmmm, I'll give that some thought! Gina, we would not make good room mates reading your weird things.....

OK WELL, here are FIVE weird things about me!

1. I am super sound sensitive. Actually right now, there is some click click click going off here and it feels like Chinese water torture! My computer is making this regular sound and I am checking every window to see where it is coming from and I can't find it! ahhhhhhh See, I get really weird about it. I REALLY REALLY like peace and quiet . When my dogs bark, I feel like I am going to freak out..... I also happen to be extremely sensitive to smells . Is this number 2 weird thing? You really don't want to wear perfume around me because it causes a violent reaction. No, I don't turn red or anything, I will get violently angry and want to hurt you!! Yesterday I was in Trader Joes shopping and it was so crowded and this HEAVILY PERFUMED blue haired lady slopped along in front of me and I wanted to scream YOU STINK LADY. But of course I didn't. I held it inside!!

2. Number 2 weird thing----Sometimes I like staying in my pajamas like all the time, for a few days in a row....I feel very comforted that way.... I might just knit and lay on the couch and watch movies and eat a few days in a row in my pjs... Lazy? No..I just am a real homebody..... Some might think it is pretty weird though....

3. I also hate dirty bathrooms Gina... I really like them to be spotless. I am probably not as fanatic since I hurt my neck and back and hate to clean now, but if there is one thing in my house I do keep really clean it is the bathrooms.... I don't like dirt and dusty houses. I remember several guys I have gone out with where I was SHOCKED at how they lived. One had a black bathtub. It was really white underneath, but BLACK and I mean BLACK from dirt. I told him that I would never stay over again until he cleaned the house. Voila!! A week later it was spotless. I was shocked.. BUT, here is his weirdness (and also why we broke up), he sheepisly admitted to me after our nightly fun activities, that his MOTHER had come over and cleaned the house!! I could tell a lot of stories about "G" the doctor, but this is one of the funniest.

4. I have an extremely addictive personality. It is amazing I am not into drugs and alcohol and it is probably only because every time I drink more than a glass or two of wine, I have an awful headache and I throw up... But, I am addicted to sunflower seeds, which is a weird thing, right? I used to smoke, but it has now been over 10 years! I could probably be a sex addict if I wasn't shy about men because I DO like S, but I have gotten shyer about men over the years since I don't have great luck with them (oh wait, that is number 5 weird!!) Back to addiction, I also really am a food addict. I eat for emotional reasons. I also am addicted to whatever hobby I really get into..guess what it is now!! FIBER AND YARN! But in the past, it has been everything from acquariums, to watercolor painting.... I also have to stop myself from being an online shop a holic!

5. WHEW! Almost done.....Thank goodness..... Well, I do tend to cry a bit more than the average person I think? I am super sensitive and easily hurt and people set me off. I then have a hard time letting things go if someone hurts my feelings, but I am much better at it then I used to. I really HATE mean people. And I even more HATE jealous and mean people. And I hate narccisists even more than mean people! Since I grew up with very critical parents, I am sure this is the reason for my sensitivity, plus I am super super hard on myself and self-critical.

OH GOOD, I am done...... I have to now tag five people right? I tag my friends Woolyvines,Kirsten,Sarah,Melissaand Andrea!! No excuses you five about the holidays and not being able to do this. I had to do it!!!

Well at least I had something to post about! I do have photos very soon of the blanket I am working on (log cabin baby blanket) and also I am photographing these really cool earrings and necklaces for One Planet Yarn and Fiber that are actually made out of fiber.

Look at this pair!! I love the colors. More soon!

Happy Holidays if I don't post soon.


At 5:11 PM, Blogger Melissa said...

do i have to still do it if you get my link wrong ;)

At 7:02 PM, Blogger YarnB said...

Sure thing!! I just fixed it! LOL

At 8:15 PM, Blogger Yarnartist said...

Click on this link to see a side of your dog, Pepe you didn't know existed (I promise you'll like it)
Happy Holidays!

At 9:55 PM, Blogger YarnB said...

Ellene, too funny..

At 7:15 PM, Blogger Gina House said...

Loved your Weird things...I'm glad you did it, even though you didn't like to. I can sympathize with being a food, fiber and yarn addict. Oh, and also a sex addict. LOL! Now...why don't you think we'd get along? Is it because of the neat bed thing? LOVE those earrings...can't believe they're made out of fiber!

At 2:14 PM, Blogger yarnahoy said...

I'm like that about the Pajamas especially on the long weekends. My husband thinks it really wierd but he's getting used to it. I love clean bathrooms but I hate cleaning them :(
Fortunately for us my husband's the clean freak here. And I HATE doing the dishes. If there's anything I can do 3 times a day, 7 days a weeks - it's cooking. It keeps me sane.
Hope the yarn planet's spinning well.

At 9:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow -- I've known you for HOW long and never knew you used to smoke?!


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