Tuesday, November 28, 2006

How are things going?

Not to brag (HONEST!) but this is my blog right? These are just this mornings orders from One Planet Yarn and Fiber. And there are still more to pack up. I need a nap now.

This leads me to these thoughts of how amazing the blog world is. Do you know that knit bloggers are really only 5% of the total knitters/crocheters market? I learned this in Estes Park last year. Yet the blog world is powerful!

The Lanas Puras yarns are selling like hot cakes since Wendy mentioned the Desert Bloom yarn on her blog and Yarn Pirate is having her contest. Thanks you two!!! Did you play the pirate's contest!?? I just sent her prizes!! (Mini soaks, Chiagoo needles and a Sheep Shop Yarn! so go play!!) There are still a lot of Lanas Puras colors left, but some of the prettiest ones are gone.... Here is Desert Bloom followed by Raspberry Ginger Tea and Mountain Sky because I think those are all gone. But I'll place another order this week. Also we are going to be getting in other weights of yarns AND we have about six patterns planned so far-kids sweaters, skirts, fun accessories, felted items and more sweaters of course.
Raspberry Ginger Tea
Mountain Sky

This is what we have looked like at night around here. I nod off around 8 pm so tired, with my baby spread out in the chair across from me!

I also can't leave out my other sweetie and so here is his photo!

How many of you ate too much last week and are going through sugar withdrawl this week like I am! I WANT M & Ms!

OOPS, I digressed..back to fiber. Coming soon..this week and next........ incredible pattern releases for Black Pearl Yarns cashmere and a big box in the mail from Yarn Pirate. Her yarns are great and so is she!!! I nabbed another photo from her site!!



At 11:45 AM, Blogger Sarah said...

Nice photos...gotta love orders.

At 12:28 PM, Blogger vierge_en_trop said...

That Lanas Puras stuff looks gorgeous!

At 12:48 PM, Blogger Andrea said...

holy cow! And I thought we did a lot of packing for ebay. WHEW! That's a lotta boxes!

Loooooove the pictures of your kids- they're so cute :)


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