Sunday, September 03, 2006

Making Kits for Wendy's Cami...

Have you seen Wendy at Knit and Tonic's cami that she designed with the Yarn Botanika merino and tencel yarn? The pattern will be out soon and we'll have kits for it too. I just love how it is turning out...It will have an actual name too! She is so cute in her photos I have to say that I hope one day I have a spa afternoon with her sipping gin and tonics by the pool....and chatting about yarn and knitting. It just seems that that should happen!! Only I don't drink much anymore and the idea of getting in a bathing suit now scares me! BUT, I am doing well on my diet and there are plenty of resorts around where I live and a massage sure sounds good.....:)

I don't think she'll mind my taking this photo from her site! I love that she makes her patterns in such a wide variety of sizes xs-3x.. Several commenters are asking for a wider strap version so I bet she will add that... What a loyal following she has and for good reason. She is great to work with, always keeping me updated as to the progress of the pattern, etc and that is very helpful....


There are also THREE other great patterns coming from the Garter Belt Design Team using the merino and tencel yarn.. I love working with them, they are all so different from each other and me too, yet we all have the bond of the love of yarn. I can't wait to see the other patterns but to be honest, I am glad they are staggered out a bit!

The cami kits will be available on ETSY in a few weeks I hope, yarn and the pattern to make this adorable top. Here is a photo of the Pine Forest colorway and more photos of the other colorways to come.

Pine Forest

I was working on two other colorways I think it will be available in as well....Rum Raisin and Spice.... We'll see after they dry and I can get a better look how the colors are turning out.... Yarn Botanika yarns, kits, fibers etc will also be available soon in a webstore called One Planet Yarn and Fiber in addition to Most of the items will start moving from ETSY to One Planet Yarn and Fiber over a period of time. I'll let you know more about that soon....but the store sells really cool and unique yarn and fiber from around the world.... It is going to carry Yarn Botanika and then the Black Pearl Yarns which I posted about and other things as well. By the way, Black Pearl Yarns is not my company as some of you asked, but I am helping a bit with it and doing some of the dyeing for it..... I hope you signed up to watch the site because I know the cashmere yarns are coming soon and they are incredible.... And I also know some patterns for the cashmere are coming.

I should still be sleep actually so I am going to go try to get in a few more zzzz...


At 8:27 AM, Blogger Gina House said...

Yarn is beautiful and the cami rocks! Love that!


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