Monday, May 29, 2006

Socks, Socks and Sock Yarn

Happy Holiday Weekend......

I really am kind of obsessed right now (me, obsessed?? LOL) with making socks and also with sock yarn. I took a four hour sock class on Saturday at the Fiber Factory. Using number 4 dpns, and a heavier dk weight yarn, we made this tiny toddler size sock. Isn't it cute? Although....I must say the proportions look a bit goofy! I have to find a short footed kid for this one! HAHAHAHAHA Well it is just a sample, but the toe side is NOT long enough. How did that happen?? LOL.

It definitely has some mistakes in it but it was a great learning process. This supposedly is a "German" sock making method. I came home and started two other socks using this same method. I couldn't just start one of course... LOL Take a look. This first one is using Knitpicks variegated sock yarn (Sock Memories in Hydrangea) that I have had in my stash for too long. The second is using self-striping Regia sock yarn..

Here is the Regia self-striping sock yarn with this great great sock bag from Trek for a trade for some handdyed yarn. Isn't it adorable? I love is the bag with the Regia sock yarn. Contact Trek if you want to do a trade for one of her cute sock bags. I have to admit, I want another one.

Then of course, I have all my own sock yarns which I can't wait to try....some more colors coming soon of course..Here are a few of them, some need to be reskeined. Also watch soon for an announcement of where our yarns, handpainted rovings and spindle kits are going to be sold. Pretty cool! But I will wait a bit for a formal announcement to make sure and not jinx it!! LOL.....

I especially like these two new colorways Fresh Berries and Organic Greens.! My dye-o-rama partner Liz just got some of the Organic Greens Yarn. Check out her blog post!

I don't know how to make the self-striping yarns but I am going to learn soon I promise myself.. I have heard these self-patterning Jacquard style sock yarns are made by computer..kind of interesting.. Also......after these two pairs, I am determined to learn the other methods for making socks using circular needles. I just got the magic loop book and I am going to order the Cat Bordhi book on using circular needles for sock making.

My obsession with sock yarn also led me to ordering this pattern and yarn.. This is the Ruby pattern, by Bees Knees using self-striping or patterning sock yarn! Isn't it adorable? I am going to be using Opal bright pink yarn and Regia striping yarn for my little niece Alexis in New York. I also was just reading about Bees Knees, and 10% of the proceeds of this pattern go to the Alzheimers Foundation which is pretty neat. Great patterns for kids, check out her page! I just realized I don't know how to make an i-cord but hopefully i can learn!

In other weekend news, I have been looking a bit at looms. But there are many on the market and it is a bit confusing. I am being very good by sticking to my promise to myself of finishing my weaving class first. And then in just a few weeks, I'll be headed to the Estes Park Wool Festival so I should have time to look at lots of looms there before deciding a thing......

Today, April and Kirsten are coming over for awhile. We are going to do some dyeing and then some playing around with another project......Have a good weekend!



At 9:59 AM, Blogger Tempe Yarn said...

Ooo yay for socks! I just learned magic loop and it wasn't that bad - I like it, but not enough to ALWAYS use it, ya know? Let me know what you think! I can't wait to hear about where you're selling your stuff!

At 7:03 AM, Blogger Gina House said...

Oh, your toddler sock is SO cute!!! The other socks OTN look very cool...your yarns are incredible!

At 1:52 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

watch out! socks are so very addicting! I swear!

At 9:35 AM, Blogger Andrea said...

Super cute Lisa! I may have to learn how to make socks! I love your colors- as usual!! Andrea


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