Wednesday, August 02, 2006

More on Cashmere and Cashmere/Silk Yarns

I have finished dyeing the cashmere and cashmere/silk yarns I bought. Some of you were asking when they will be listed in the ETSY shop and I will be putting them there today.. These are very delicate yarns, best suited for a lace or other light project. Each one is about 400 yards and would make a beautiful lace scarf. They would not be good for socks or anything that would get a lot of wear. I just want people to know this if they buy one of them because the yarn itself is quite soft, even the one with the silk. These are all fingering weight and I am going to be buying DK weight next to evaluate it, along with some pure silk yarns and wool/silk combination yarns. I absolutely love how soft the cashmere is and the nice shine that the silk brings the yarn. Really they feel like velvet. The cashmere yarns are 100% pure cashmere and the silk cashmere skeins are 55 % silk and 45% cashmere.

If anyone wants to be on our mailing list for special offers and sales, please send me an email at yarnbotanika AT aol DOT com, ok? I don't like to do sales things on this blog and eventually there will be a separate shop blog, because I personally am only a small tiny part of the shop. I want to blog about knitting more and get back to my painting and maybe I should just start a personal blog.....Will let you know!

We are really a group of people creating fiber related things together. If anyone is ever interested in working with us, please email. We are especially looking for fiber artists and small companies in different parts of the world who make unusual yarn, handspun or fiber related things for an upcoming group venture.

On another note, watch KPIXIE towards the end of this week as we will have many new items shown in their shop, quite a few kits and yarns.

Here is a photo of the cashmere/silk skeins that are going to be listed. The colorways in order are: Meadow, Plum Crazy, Blue Moon, Rose Quartz and Kiwi.
Cashmere Silk Mosaic
And here are the pure cashmere ones. Note the last one is shades of black, gray and white. I got this idea from Illana's blog post about the new Vogue fall issue that shows gray is really in style this year!! I will be repeating this colorway again. Click here to see the Vogue Fall Knitting Preview. GRAY is in! The other colorways from top to bottom are: midnight, chocolate truffle, plum crazy, Blue Moon and Manhatten.
100% Pure Cashmere-Fingering Weight

Now I have to list them all..... I am taking a break from all dyeing and most fiber stuff (except for knitting!!) for the next two weeks. My mom is coming to visit tomorrow for one thing, I have a lot going on. and I need a break.....

So thanks for reading and I'll try to post some knitting content in between!!


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