Monday, October 29, 2007

Finally, an update

Hello. I realize that I hardly ever blog anymore. I even lost some readers or maybe it was my cooking posts, who knows! Life has just been busy. I have to update the One Planet blog with new items, and then we have a new One Planet Knitters blog that I also need to post to. But mostly, I have not been spinning or knitting much myself lately. This is changing now that the weather is finally cooling down here. Although it is still a record heat wave. It was 95 degrees yesterday! I mean this is ridiculous.... I have been reading and learning so much about global warming and all the environment changes through groups I am involved with lately and trying to make a lot of changes around my house and in my daily life.

I finally am getting close to the end of knitting this beautiful baby blanket for my friend Andrea who adopted a little boy from Guatemala. I am now just working on the finishing which should be interesting, but not too difficult. I did snap one photo here inside on my couch. The yarn is Plymouth Encore worsted which I chose because I wanted this to be washable and last a long time. I still worry about my hand knitting falling apart though in a washing machine or dryer so I think I will tell Andrea to still handwash this or machine wash on gentle and then airdry outside. That is how I am going to wash it when I am finished. This is the Modern Baby Blanket from the Mason Dixie Book. I really love that book. There are so many things in there I still want to make!

My next project is going to be this vest sweater designed by Jo Sharp in Silkroad DK Tweed yarn in Emerald. I keep trying to get away from greens but then I see a gorgeous yarn like this and I can't resist. The Jo Sharp yarns really are very luxurious, I just love them!! I hope to cast on this week!! I just have to finish the blanket edging........

Well that is the update for the end of October. I hope we have a COLD COLD November. I am dying to get away and might plan a trip to Colorado or Northern California or Oregon, we'll see!

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