Friday, October 27, 2006

Gina's Podcast

My friend Gina has a new podcast! I am just about to go listen to it!! Gina and I met when she bought a ton of roving through the Yarn Botanika etsy shop and then we started chatting! Our friendship has really grown and she also recently completed a beautiful pattern called the Haiku Flower Socks which will be available soon.

You should be able to listen to the podcast by linking to the button on the right sidebar under partners.

Or CLICK HERE if want to go directly to a link to Gina's podcast.

Read Gina's bio that I just posted over at Black Pearl Yarn blog.

Check out her blog: Sleepy Eyes Knitting

And there are directions there for how to get to the podcast....

Here is a photo of the Haiku Flower Socks, knit in Black Pearl Yarns blue topaz cashmere, coming soon.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Do you get Spin-Off Magazine?

I am pretty excited about this so I am sharing a bit early! If you do not get Spin Off magazine, pick up the next issue when it is out! The spindle kits that are a collaboration between Yarn Botanika, Woolyvines and Knitted Bits are going to be in there, live photos and all!! The magazine mails to its subscribers in just a few weeks so I am not that premature in filling you in!

We are all pretty excited and there is a lot to do before hand to get ready.......!! It is amazing too what working together can bring to a project and it also makes it much more fun and rewarding.

If you haven't seen the Traveler Kits, here are a few photos of previous ones. Knitted Bits makes the spindle bags, Woolyvines, the stone spindle and Yarn Botanika dyes the fiber to match or tries to dye the fiber to match. I just ordered five more pounds of blue faced leicester to make up more kits. These kits literally sell out usually within a week of posting them... There is also just a regular spindle kit. Really the main attractions are April's spindles which are just so unique and beautiful! And then I think the color matching of the fiber and bag.....!!

Pretty cool!! We can't wait to see it.... The only disappointing thing is I felt I could not give the new parent store One Planet Yarn and Fiber yet as I am not 100% sure it will be open then although I think it will be! So we listed the spindles and kits for sale at the Yarn Botanika ETSY shop, Woolyvines and But I can always put a post up at the ETSY shop.....!! Any of you who have ever done a web site know it takes longer than you might think although it REALLY is coming along great!


You are never really anonymous:)

I have been catching up on my blog reading, and I came across a great discussion on communication on the internet. They were talking about how people sometimes say things via email or on a blog that they would never say otherwise. This person posting happened to get quite a few nasty anonymous posts on their blog. Well. I had never gotten one before ever, but this week I got my very first one. What was interesting about it, is when I read the anonymous comment, I had a strong suspicion who it was from. Sure enough, I was able to trace the IP address and with the help of an ISP provider was able to confirm my suspicions. The lessons learned are one is really ever totally anonymous online even if they think they are and also, wow envy and greed sure are horrible personality traits! It is pretty easy to trace who sent an an anonymous comment by the way, so it really is smart (and kind) to think before sending something to another person that you wouldn't just say to their face.

It is amazing how the internet had changed our culture. I see so much more greed and narcissism in our society and also a lack of kindness towards others. It really is food for thought.

This has been a super busy week. Lots of dyeing and I have been trying to input products into the One Planet Yarn and Fiber store. There are boxes coming from all over the world.

I am have been also excited to see the photos of the work of some of the designers coming in.

Look at this gorgeous hand dyed ribbon that Melissa picked out to go with her cashmere sweater pattern. The entire sweater is just incredible and we hope to do the photo shoot with it this weekend.. I really have such incredible respect for designers after the last few months. It is just amazing watching the entire project go from the initial idea to completion! I can't wait for all of you to see the finished patterns, etc...

Isn't this ribbon beautiful? And the color of this ginger peach cashmere, I just love it......

Saturday, October 21, 2006

So behind on everything

Where does the time go? How can it really almost be November? I feel like the days just speed by but that I don't accomplish anything! Do others feel like that? I was excited to finally get all of my knitting projects organized into these baskets I bought at a really cool new store called Storables. They have amazing things and I want to organize my whole house!

Thanks to Kirsten's suggestions,the bottem basket has all of the yarn for my projects that are "in progress." The top basket has each project with its needles all organized. These are just the projects that are already in the works. I love it!

I am almost finished with my Noni bag. Only three more flowers to go. What a fun knit and felting, wow!! I am making the bobble bag next for my mom and the baguette bag for my sister.
I also finished this gorgeous scarf using handspun by Rachael Dow of RMD Designs. Her yarns are just unbelievable. We are going to be carrying them in One Planet Yarn and Fiber. Look at this new yarn she just sent me. Yes, I did drool when I opened the package.

And here is the scarf with her yarn I am just finishing. I just am adding some fringe on with some pretty ribbon yarn.
The website is coming along but very very slow! But it is going to be absolutely gorgeous thanks to the hard work of several including Missa, midnight knitter, from

There are a lot of new patterns coming. If you check out the blogs of Gina, Melissa and Miriam you will just see a few glimpses!

Back to work on the website , more skeining (blchhhh), and have to dye this week! Now I know where all the time goes and why I haven't even been to a movie in months! I definitely need to get back to having more balance!

Happy weekend!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Glimpse of a Sweater Design and More


I posted this on the Black Pearl Yarns blog, but I thought I would put it here as well. If you haven't signed onto that blog through bloglines yet, please do!

We truly are so fortunate to have found the designers that are working with us on new patterns. Some of the patterns that will be coming out soon include amazing socks by Gina House, a lovely scarf and shawl by Miriam Felton, several sweaters by Melissa Wehrle and Michele Woodford. Crochet sweaters by Angela Best. A purse from Ivette Tecodor. Lacy fingerless gloves by Sara Lucas. AND MORE. I am only really giving you a hint of what is to come because the patterns are really amazing. All of the designers love the yarn and they all keep coming up with new project ideas. Plus there are a few more colors coming out soon. And also several new yarns.... You can read about any of these designers on the Black Pearl Yarns blog.

The Black Pearl Yarns and patterns will be for sale soon in a new internet shop called One Planet Yarn and Fiber. Bookmark One Planet in your favorite sites now as the site will be released in a few weeks. The URL will be The shop will feature gorgeous and unusual yarns, fibers, spinning items, designs and patterns, finished items, goods from indie companies, artisan crafted wood needles and needle cases and much more from countries around the globe.

The idea for One Planet came to us during the last few years when so many horrible things were happening around our world. But it was amazing how people from all over could talk about their love of yarn and/or knitting,fiber, spinning, etc despite their political or religious or ethnic backgrounds. A percent of our net profits will be donated to an organization devoted to promoting world peace efforts around the world. In addition, our goal is to represent as many countries as we can over time.

If you have any products you think we might be interested in carrying in our store, please contact us at We also might be looking for more designers for the future and independent pattern companies too. Several other yarn lines are also in development through both Black Pearl Yarns and Yarn Botanika. These yarns as well as some of the newer lines we will carry from Uruguay, Chile, England, Argentina, China and Australia
will be available on a much larger scale in the future.

There also soon will be a new blot for One Planet Yarn and Fiber at which will show all of the new items are they are released.

Melissa Wehrle sent me a glimse of this gorgeous pattern she is working on in Ginger Peach. When we saw her sweater sketches, we flipped, to be honest.

Take a peek! I love this color!


Monday, October 09, 2006

Out of Chaos-Fall Project List

I realized the other day that I have not finished a single project for a long time! That is not good. Also despite my determination to not start any more projects, I ended up today buying some yarn to make the Lady Eleanor Shawl which I just love. It is in the Scarf Style book by Pam Allen. This is a great book. Except I don't even wear scarves because of the climate I am in (?) So why do I have several on my project list (?)

I organized all my projects today though so I know exactly where I am with each of them and I am going to make my list right here on the blog like I do every few months. When I do this, it really helps put things in perspective. There are so many sweaters and shawls that I am seeing now that I want to make. It is incredible how many wonderful designs there are out there really! How can I learn to knit with my fingers and toes? And how do people who weave and spin do all of these hobbies at once?

I know people who only work on one project at a time to completion and would never be a yarn stasher like I am, but what can I say.

OK, here it is, the to do list for this fall!! Starred items have priority for being finished already!!!

1. *Noni Evening Bag- in Plymouth Galway in black and purple- about 3/4 done. Pictures coming soon.

2. * Bees Knees Ruby Pattern in Opal and Regia sock yarns for Alexis-about 1/2 completed.

3. * Socks - two pairs- in self striping yarn and my own yarn.

4. Lace Tee - using Trinity yarn in a pale light green ( save for Spring!)

5. * Wrap sweater from Garnstudio-I HAVE TO FINISH THIS!! It is insane! I just have to seam it at this point!

6. Crochet Belt - Blue Sky Organic Cotton for my niece Rachel.

7. Crochet cap sleeve wrap sweater- also a Blue Sky pattern. I just finished the gauge swatch for this and I have no idea what I am doing. This is my first crochet pattern really. How do I add new yarn on in crochet??
Isn't this sweater adorable?
cap sweater

8. Vintage Velvet Scarf in Muench Touch Me Yarn in eggplant-Also from Scarf Style

9. Back Yard Leaves scarf in Olive Aurora 8 merino

10. Log Cabin Blanket in cream, eggplant and variegated (my own hand dyed) Yarn- Optima Worsted, a present from Ilana (THANK YOU!)

11. Mentionable Camisole in Rum Raisin, pattern by Wendy Bernard

12. Lady Eleanor Shawl-OK, Kirsten showed me this variegated yarn at Michaels made by Patons and I couldn't get over how pretty and soft it was for the price! It is called SWS and it is 70% wool and 30% soy. Now I must admit (OUT LOUD) that I am a total yarn snob, BUT......when I cast on tonight, I have to say, this yarn is gorgeous, especially for the price. This colorway is called Plum.

By the way, this kind of knitting, called Entrelac is really fun! I was reading a few blogs last night, where people described it as boring, but I do not find it boring at all.

12. I am waiting for some of the patterns from a few of the designers who are making them because I know already I want to make like every one of them! In cashmere? Probably not every pattern. But...there are lots of options......! There are about 8 or 9 patterns coming soon and I would say I want to make 80% of them for myself!

I feel so much better just making this list. I am determined this week to organize my house a bit more and make lists for the other things in my life.....broken things in my house that need fixing, clothes and shoes I need, diet and exercise goals. I feel this incredible need to organize myself and my surroundings for some reason.. Probably because I have been truly living in a state of chaos for the past month.....

Back to knitting!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tons of New Items in the ETSY SHOP

I feel like this blog is turning more commercial and I have mixed feelings about that. I don't really like it and it is going to change a bit soon, just so you all know. I think once the new website One Planet Yarn and Fiber is up and running, I am going to turn this back into more of a personal blog where I show and talk about things that I am playing with, or developing for One Planet Yarn and Fiber. Since that is mostly what I'll be doing... It isn't my company, I am really more of the creative, idea gal. That is the role I love too. Coming up with ideas, and products for the store. The store is actually owned by another and the whole thing is really a team effort! Still, my influence is all over it!!

Anyhow, I just wanted to tell everyone to please go take a look at the Yarn Botanika ETSY shop because I just spent about 3 hours listing all of the new kits and yarns. All the Black Pearl cashmere yarns are listed there, along with the Knit Kits from the Garter Belt Team..... We are still waiting on one more Garter Belt project from Wendy in Italy and I can't wait to see hers! Hers is due here the end of this month.

The kits and yarns for Element, Autumn Walk and Mentionable are all posted though....!!


Element 4

Autumn Walk:




More soon. I think one of the most exciting things I am involved with now is talking to some incredibly talented designers about all of the patterns they are creating for Black Pearl yarns and Yarn Botanika. And also some of the new yarns that One Planet might be carrying, and talking to people from other countries. It has been pretty exciting I have to say. I have had a few negative experiences in this knitting and yarn world that put me off. I had to stop myself from blogging about the few petty, jealous and insecure people in the dye world, some big and huge egos in this online world.... but I have to say that for the most part 98%, no 99% of the people I have met are not like that and simply love what they are doing. I figure that small 1-2 % will crash and burn at some point or choke on their own egos...!! I do believe in karma.

Have a good day. Time for me to rest.........and have some lunch!!