Thursday, November 03, 2005

Potpourri Shawl

One project I am working on is called the Potpourri Shawl. I thought it would be great to have on cold Arizona nights and it is an easy pattern and fun to knit. Here is a photo of pattern from the designer's Chris Bylsma's web site.

So far, I have used an assortment of yarns purchased at my LYS. The colors are all orange reds or red colors with also some pumpkin or other oranges mixed in. My favorite yarn in the shawl is Colinette Giotto which is a hand-dyed ribbon type yarn. Here is a photo of the Potpourri Shawl in Progress. I still have a way to go!

And here is a close up and you can see the striping and various yarns I am using.

Happy Knitting.



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