Sunday, November 06, 2005

Am I Obsessive??? HAHAHAHA

Hello friends and family;
I just sent this blog to some of you to view so this is the first post you'll see!
Those who have known me for months or years know I can be a tad obsessive, but it is because I am also creative and really get into my hobbies ya know!
This is post is for you! To the people who know me well!
Yes, yes, yes, yes, I have a new hobby and yes, yes, yes, I am really into it!

I am definitely a yarn ho. Hope you know what that is!! I know one person who will know this expression since they know a joke similar to it. Hope that person sees this! xoxoxox Come on you, smile. You know who you are :) :) XOXOX Come on, talk to me soon again or I'll squash ya!

Yes, I have entered a new world. A new world filled with wild chicks with sticks!

Hopefully, some of you will receive some fun gifts soon! I have one friend who wants to teach me how to spin this yarn myself! I am a bit scared of getting into that hobby but I have to say it sounds awfully fun and is all the rage now. There are some incredible incredible colorful and handspun yarns that are amazing. Here are a few photos incredible on of a kind yarns so you can see what is happening in the YARN HO world!
These are from a fave site at If you want to see some real beautiful yarns, check out this site.
Oh yeah! If you are looking for a present for me (hint, hint) there are lots of cool things on their site..beautiful knitting bags, needle cases, etc, etc, etc, etc.....................

Love, Lisa


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