Friday, November 25, 2005

Alexis Wears Her Sizzle Hat and Scarf!

I finished the adorable sizzle hat and scarf for my little cousin Lexie in New York and apparently she just loves how soft and fluffy it is!! Here she is modeling for us in her new accessories!!! I knew this hat would not be warm enough so I am going to work on making her a rose hat with fur trim and rose poncho with fur trim that she can hopefully wear in the spring.

I love Lexie's big eyes!! She is such a pretty girl!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Potpourri Shawl Completed!

I finished my first shawl! Isn't it beautiful? It has quite a few yarns in it but the main ones are Colinette Giotto and Plymouth Alpaca Boucle. This was a very fun pattern to make. I got the pattern from my local yarn store but it was designed by Chris Bylsma. Her web page is:
Here are some photos of the back of the shawl, of my mom Shirlee modeling the shawl and one of me wearing the shawl!!

One nice thing about this pattern is you can use whatever mixture of yarns you have on hand. Or you can design it to be what you want. Either way!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Advanced Beginners Class-Noro Silk Scarf

A lot is new! I need to take some photos this weekend. I need to post at least one photo here so I will put one of Pepe, my other dog since he loves to lay at my feet while I knit.

The Potpourri Shawl is completed and it REALLY is beautiful. The Colinette Giotto yarn in reds and golds is really what makes it stand out!

The Sizzle Scarf for Alexis is also complete and the hat will be done soon!

My beautifully wrapped package of warm, soft, soft yarns from arrived in the mail the other day. WOW, the Blue Sky hand-dyed bulky yarn is the softest bulkiest yarn I have ever seen. I have started the Sunset Shawl and there are very thick yarn rows mixed with thin ones. It should be interesting.

I took at Advanced Beginners class at the Fiber Factory which is not so close to home but is what I needed. It was a good review of cast on techniques, increases and decreases and casting off. We received this pattern called the Diagonal Multidirectional Scarf. It is a very fun pattern to practice all this in. I bought self-striping Noro Silk Yarn for this.

Have to snap some photos!! I should be able to post them over the weekend.


Sunday, November 13, 2005

Limbo Socks

I bought some of this beautiful superwash wool to practice making adult socks with. I figure once I master these, then I can master the tiny baby ones I am trying to make and keep ruining! I got the ribbing done and started on the leg and then Bailie the bearded collie got a hold of them!! Luckily, he did not destroy the sock I started or the beautiful yarn. He did devour one knitting needle though!!!!!!!I was going to give these socks as a gift to someone but I'm not sure now......

Saturday, November 12, 2005

I Learned To Spin Yarn Today!

How fun spinning with a drop spindle is! And to think I had never even heard of a drop spindle before this week! Thank you Kathy. I am afraid I am going to be totally hooked on this new hobby. Well...Actually, I think I already am!! It is so fun. Although we didn't get very far in my first lesson, I learned how to use the drop spindle and I made a very small skein of yarn!
Here are a few photos of what the wool looks like plain white, and then a photo that includes the wool roving dyed, the small skein of yarn I MADE and the wood drop spindles Kathy gave me. VERY FUN. But kind of scary that I really might end up to be a SPIN...ster...:)


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Knitted Lingerie?

I was looking through some websites and came across an interesting site called White Lies Designs They had some interesting patterns for "romantic" knits. Some beautiful lacy sweaters and vintage looking jackets and suits. If I am ever a very experienced knitter, I might try to make one of those. Then I found their knitted lingerie page! I was kind of surprised. I kind of like stockings of different types and I thought these might be fun to make. I can't believe there is a pattern like this and a knit kit that comes in white, black or hot pink! Lisa xox

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Sunset Shawl Next Project

I am almost done with the Potpourri shawl and it is truly a "work of art" according to some of the employees in my local yarn store! I have had my eyes on this other shawl pattern and since the beautiful yarn is 10% off for new customers to one of my fave sites kpixie ( I am going to order their Sunset Shawl Kit. Kpixie has an incredible selection of unusual and luxury yarns, the kind I love! The yarn is incredible, made by Blue Sky Alpacas, big bulky knits of autumn colors. Here's some of the yarns for the project too.

YUMMY. I can't wait to wear it. I have to get started because there are only a few cold months here in the desert SW. I will post potpourri photos when its done hopefully by the weekend!!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Am I Obsessive??? HAHAHAHA

Hello friends and family;
I just sent this blog to some of you to view so this is the first post you'll see!
Those who have known me for months or years know I can be a tad obsessive, but it is because I am also creative and really get into my hobbies ya know!
This is post is for you! To the people who know me well!
Yes, yes, yes, yes, I have a new hobby and yes, yes, yes, I am really into it!

I am definitely a yarn ho. Hope you know what that is!! I know one person who will know this expression since they know a joke similar to it. Hope that person sees this! xoxoxox Come on you, smile. You know who you are :) :) XOXOX Come on, talk to me soon again or I'll squash ya!

Yes, I have entered a new world. A new world filled with wild chicks with sticks!

Hopefully, some of you will receive some fun gifts soon! I have one friend who wants to teach me how to spin this yarn myself! I am a bit scared of getting into that hobby but I have to say it sounds awfully fun and is all the rage now. There are some incredible incredible colorful and handspun yarns that are amazing. Here are a few photos incredible on of a kind yarns so you can see what is happening in the YARN HO world!
These are from a fave site at If you want to see some real beautiful yarns, check out this site.
Oh yeah! If you are looking for a present for me (hint, hint) there are lots of cool things on their site..beautiful knitting bags, needle cases, etc, etc, etc, etc.....................

Love, Lisa

Friday, November 04, 2005

Fizzy Scarf and Hat for Alexis

I am knitting a very fluffy scarf for my cousin Beth's 17 month old daughter Alexis. She wanted a scarf that had pink and blue and lavender in it. Since Beth lives in NY we went back and forth on the internet and managed to pick out the right yarn. I have never knitted with anything like this in my life!! I have to admit it goes pretty fast! It is not the kind of thing I would wear myself but for a little girl it will be VERY girly and fluffy and pink!! I still need to get a hat pattern to make her a hat out of the same stuff.

Here is a photo of the Fizzy Scarf just started and a close up of the yarn. FLUFFY FIZZY!


Thursday, November 03, 2005

Potpourri Shawl

One project I am working on is called the Potpourri Shawl. I thought it would be great to have on cold Arizona nights and it is an easy pattern and fun to knit. Here is a photo of pattern from the designer's Chris Bylsma's web site.

So far, I have used an assortment of yarns purchased at my LYS. The colors are all orange reds or red colors with also some pumpkin or other oranges mixed in. My favorite yarn in the shawl is Colinette Giotto which is a hand-dyed ribbon type yarn. Here is a photo of the Potpourri Shawl in Progress. I still have a way to go!

And here is a close up and you can see the striping and various yarns I am using.

Happy Knitting.


Mango Moon Ribbon Scarf

Here is my Mango Moon Ribbon Scarf

It is a bit hard to see. I will have to work at this photographing closer!

This was the first thing I had knitted in 11 YEARS. The last thing I made was a baby blanket for my nephew Adam. He is now 11. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed knitting. I was shocked at the changes in yarn out there. I bought this mango moon beautiful yarn ribbon. The color is called Santa Fe. I made a scarf and now I am hooked. I will post tomorrow some of the projects I am working on...

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Hello! I started this blog to keep track of my knitting endeavors. Blogger is NOT easy to learn! I am not sure yet how to set up the main page so it looks the way I want! So it might take me awhile. And that is FRUSTRATING ME because I want to be knitting instead!!

Yes, I need to be knitting because already.........I am a ..........